What we do

Communication in a way that rightfully serves the organisation, the service, the product, the target audience and an individual.

Telling appealing stories. Supporting team strategically in the field of PR and communication. Also in times of trouble. We dare to share our knowledge, expertise and experience along with our vision or opinion. In the end hat’s what useful to a client. In the meantime we take great pleasure in executing pr- and communications plans. The result counts. And, we are dedicated and committed to the organisations we work for and the people we work with. Working together in smooth way. That’s what you’ll find at 7N60 Communicatie. Ever since 2001.

Strategic communication

In the end it is all about making sure that communication does exactly what it is meant for. Making the implicit explicit. Listening carefully. Observing. Asking many questions. And then coming up with a sound approach. Working systemically towards the desired result Within the time frame. We do this for national and international clients. 

Public relations, eh... personal relations

The right stories, with the right tone of voice, at the right moment, in the right media. This way reaching the right target audience. That is PR. This is what we know best. But that’s not all. According to us, PR also stands for Personal Relations. We believe it is crucial to maintain a close personal relation with certain journalists. Because there are times and circumstances where this makes all the difference. Sometimes PR also means keeping a story out of the media. And believe us, this is also a profession.

Media training

Despite the questions, despite a camera and despite time constraints telling your story like you want to. Most people prefer to die than go through this ordeal. During a media training we train spokespersons, managers and CEO’s, but also documentary makers who are invited to come and talk about their work tonight on national television. How do you tell your story in the best possible way? How do you remain nice despite the pressure? With our lengthy experience in journalism (newspaper, radio, TV) and within large corporates, we know how both sides operate. As spokesperson in crises and in good times, we have been there ourselves. We know what we are talking about.

Personal branding


You are CEO of an organisation. You are the ambassador of your company, but in the end you are much more than the job you hold now. You bring yourself along, the experiences you had as a child maybe, your education, themes you hold close to your heart, inspiring people, life changing moments in your professional life. You have become a role model. In a personal branding and coaching program we bring all these aspects together in your story. A story that you can use on different stages: internally, in meetings, while networking, during interviews or while choosing conferences you would like to perform.

Crisis communication and management

Facing a recall, a possible bankruptcy, negative publicity, reputation damage. It is a nightmare to all organisations. It may sound strange, but that’s when we get excited. Because those are the times where we can make a difference. Being collected and working on damage control. 


As former journalists you simply love to write stories that people love to read. That hasn’t changed in the course of the years. Whether it is ghost writing for a  CEO; creating relevant and interesting  content in an organisation, sharing it on relevant channels; writing of white papers and other content for b2b channels; writing copy for websites and social media; media productions. We simply love it.

Media productions

In recent years it has become more important to reach your audience in highly targeted way. The more specific you get, the more interesting the target audience will take in the information. We make papers, magazines, newspapers, e-zines, portals and websites for example and thus successfully reach our clients’ audiences.


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