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Motto: Authenticity, that is what it is about. It adds value to everyone and everything. 

Authenticity, that is what it is about. Then everything and everyone is worth more. Based on the idea that you see better if you look at the whole context. As a communication pro, she makes the implicit explicit. She creates links, that is her thing, and isn’t afraid to voice an opinion, that is why she was hired as communication pro. A citizen of the world. Born curious. Always inquisitive. And sharp too. Looks at things from all angles. Hates bellyaching. A sparring partner for CEOs, and gives a good down-to-earth pitch for reporters.

 Always the heels high, nails polished and lips bright red. A special interest in the position of the top women in society.

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PARTNER / NO, DATED 1968 (so a bit younger)


Motto: Sure, if I can add some value.

This is the perfect attitude. Focus on how what you do improves the client’s life. If you don’t believe you can improve your client’s life, make sure you do something that can add value. Or take a wider view: How can I make a difference in the big picture? How much of a point is there to what I am doing?

I am not just interested in adding value for the client, it is ultimately also about self-esteem. This is the basis you are operating from. With self-esteem as point of departure, you can represent the greatest value for the client. And the client will appreciate you for what you are worth. Then the circle is round. This has been the guideline throughout my career. As sparring partner for CEOs and also in day-to-day projects and assignments. Always at the intersection of Sales, Marketing and Communication. These worlds are closely linked. I also see that now as partner of 7N60 Communication where these worlds converge. 

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Charlie likes to fool around with bags that aren’t his, eats old paper, gets the jacket and leash when he is ready for a walk, makes a mess at lunch just to get attention. But for the rest he gets the best out of everyone. Man and dog. Hands down




Motto: As long as you stay interested yourself, there is a good chance other people will too.

“You never think the same way everyone else does,” is what always I often hear. Someone else might take that as discouraging. Me, I have made it my job. Looking for the question behind the question, shedding light on things from different perspectives, and if possible introducing flip thinking to the problem at hand. It was a big help to me to not approach my work as an assignment to be done but to wonder why someone wants something and what I myself would do to reach that particular goal. All this is done with what others sometimes see as the surprising uber locic and diligence of an engineer.


Independent contents creator with architecture and design as focus, blogger and vlogger about everything linked to design and technology and whatever catches my eye. Pulls out all the stops. Passionate about durability but especially because of the changes and opportunities it helps present.

 Always on vacation. Lives on a houseboat, SUP instructor, engineer and design freak.

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